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Toxic mold species have always existed but recently they seem to represent a very serious problem in Los Angeles. One reason is that many of the building materials used today are very well suited for mold growth. Another cause is poor ventilation in modern buildings. So molds grow on these materials and under these circumstances rapidly.

If you are having problem with allergies then there's a good chance there could be mold growing somewhere in your home. You will often feel you have mold in your house by its smell. But of course the best way to clear if they really grow somewhere in your living area is to have mold testing in Los Angeles performed for you by a qualified professional. Hiring a professional mold testing company that is experienced at collecting and analyzing mold samples will always lead to the most accurate results. Give us a call 310-957-2743 and ask for a free quote!


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We are pleased to inform you that we have the best prices you can find in your vicinity. Thus we make it stress-free for you to have your home or business tested for unseen toxic mold. And it’s absolutely affordable!

More than that, when you compare our rates with those charged by other companies in the nearby area, you will see that we offer really unbeatable price. But that’s not all. You’ll probably be glad to find out that we don’t have hidden fees for our mold testing services in Los Angeles, CA.

We will provide you only with an upfront price quote – you pay exactly for what you see, and you get precisely what you pay for. Call us today at 310-957-2743 to ask for a FREE quote.


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When you hire our mold testing services in Los Angeles for your home or business, you can rest assured that our experts come on time and the mold testing job is performed accordingly. We know the reasons of toxic mold and they can be hiding in the most invisible places. With our comprehensive methodology and state-of-the-art testing technology, we can assure you that we will find it no matter how hidden it be.

Go ahead and call us at 310-957-2743 for a free quote, information on scheduling, or for answers to any questions you may have.

Premier Mold Testing in Los Angeles, CA
The risk of being infested with molds in your home or business

Having molds in your home or business is a more serious problem than what you could ever imagine. As a matter of fact, there are even cases when it can be extremely serious. If you are a home or business owner, then you should know your responsibility on how you can protect your family and/or personnel from any possible threat of mold infestation and the spores it discharges into the air.

It’s time to think about protection of your family or staff. Dial our phone number 310-957-2743 and get a FREE quote!

Health issues caused by dangerous molds

The number one most alarming problem with mold infestation is the serious health issues it can cause. And of course you have heard about black mold and how poisonous it can be, and in some cases, it can even be life-threatening. But even ordinary molds can lead to many various health issues for you, the members of your family and/or your personnel.

One common health issue is mold allergy, which leads some people to have very severe reactions to some species of mold which may not necessarily cause any health problems to some people.

Above all, these health issues triggered by molds can result in bigger healthcare and medical costs. This will put a heavy financial burden on your business or family. To avoid all these, give us a call at 310-957-2743 today to ask for a FREE quote.

Property value issues

Mold infestation can have a huge impact on the value of your home or business structure. This becomes a considerable problem when you’re planning to sell your property, in particular if the molds are discovered by the new owners and they think you have misled them concerning the real worth of your property.

Once more this can lead to serious legal battle which you can avoid by hiring our mold testing services in Los Angeles – just give us a phone call at 310-957-2743 and let’s schedule a visit to your place.

Legal Problems Caused by Molds in Your Building

It’s important to know that hidden molds can also lead to many legal issues. In fact, the number of legal issues it triggers is almost the same with the health issues it causes. In most cases, this is an issue which many people do not know until the legal proceedings have already started.

For instance, if you are a business owner, it is your obligation to keep your employees safe from any onsite hazards. Unseen toxic mold certainly falls under this category. So in case one of your employees suffers from any health problem due to molds in the work site, you might be charged of serious legal negligence. But you can prevent it today – call us at 310-957-2743 and ask for a free-of-charge quote!

Another way this could happen is when you’re selling your home. If you sell a home infested with unseen toxic mold which you’re not aware of, you’re in for a serious legal trouble. Should the new owners discover the mold and be diagnosed with certain health issues due to molds, they might charge you for it.

We do offer certified mold consulting services to protect your interests and to offer you support through the remediation process. We also provide after-remediation inspections in addition to clearance testing services to confirm that your mold problem has been eradicated.

Do you have a similar issue or do you suspect mold in your house or office? Call us now at 310-957-2743 for a FREE quote!

Friendly Customer Service

We consider it our privilege and pleasure to serve your area. Our mold testing experts in Los Angeles inspect for mold in homes, apartments, workplaces, commercial properties, boats, and anywhere else mold grows. We always do our best when completing a job and do it joyfully. Our standard business practice is to go beyond the call of duty and we’re committed to it every day.

Our inspection services include a thorough examination and follow-up testing together with an extensive report. In addition, we will be working with a nationally accredited laboratory, dedicated to the production of accurate data, via first-class equipment, and staffed with professionals specialized in this field.

You have the chance to start improving your place right away – just give us a call at 310-957-2743 to ask for a FREE quote!

If you experience unusual odors or suspect that you may have a mold, mildew, or fungus problem, our mold professionals will test your house or office. Please note that unseen toxic mold can lead to serious issues in your home or business. Avoid putting your family and/or personnel at risk by paying no attention to this threat.

Call us now at 310-957-2743 and we will provide you with a free quote and answers to any questions you may have on mold testing in Los Angeles.

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